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The company was founded by Ukrainian software developers in 2020 as bonus.work to help connect Hiring Companies with great Candidates. The company grew as remote work and cross-border teams became more popular. In 2022, the company received funding from American investors, released a new platform with many long-awaited enhancements, and relaunched as BraveWave.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
In 2020, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and software developers started the company as bonus.work which became a local success story. In 2022, the company received funding from American angel investors, re-formed as an American company, re-branded as BraveWave, and expanded with a worldwide reach.
BraveWave has one of the largest referral networks in Europe. Today, BraveWave has expanded to Latin America and Asia and is always growing.
Yes. For an additional fee, we can integrate to most ATS. The result is typically a tighter workflow and better results.

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