Senior Site Reliability Engineer
$ 450
DevOps / Sysadmin
5 Years
Upper Intermediate
Full Time, Remote
$ 5,000 - $ 6,000
Payment In 30 Days
Only for: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay
AWS Terraform EC2 S3 IAM EKS
Published Date: June 12, 2024

As a SRE engineer, you will:

— Be part of implementing the infrastructure as code to support the continued growth of the platform.

— Be part of the team that manages the growing AWS-based data platform infrastructure, which includes Kafka (MSK), Databricks, Airflow, Elasticsearch, MySQL (RDS), and a number of container-based services.

— Help provide key components to our backend technology stack, such as:

– container orchestration infrastructure,

– logging services,

– monitoring and alerting patterns,

– caching layers,

– relational/non-relational clustered data storage.

— Share your experience and good judgment helping other teams scale their services operationally for years to come.

Project description
Everything the team does is infrastructure as code, supporting large data scales and requests/sec. We need people to really dig into and understand AWS services and how those will be best integrated with the desired data platform tools (such as Kafka environments, Elasticsearch, DataHub, and Databricks workspaces).

The product is the world’s largest and most fascinating digital library, giving subscribers access to a growing collection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, documents, and more. The community includes over 1.5M subscribers in nearly every country worldwide, like Netflix for books – definitely impressive.

Required skills

— 5+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer
— Strong understanding of AWS platform services (AWS IAM, S3, EKS, ECS, EC2) and their strengths/weaknesses
— Experience in automation/configuration management using Terraform
— Experience managing clustered data applications
— Experience working to improve 24/7 on-call rotations, reducing alert fatigue, and improving automation
— Ability to read code written in Ruby/Python
— Ability to write code Ruby/Python, Go and/or Bash
— A working understanding of CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or equivalent
— Infrastructure engineering passion
— Strong written and verbal communication skills
— Level of English: Upper-Intermediate+

As a plus
— GCP or Azure expe
— Software development background, for example, familiarity with git and common software development practices, ability to write tests, and being capable of reading and understanding the code in order to participate in the code review process

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